Solid Concrete Blocks Are the Answer for Your Foundation

We all have heard the saying, “that a good house is always built on a good foundation” and that saying is also true for building a shed. To have a proper shed, it’s necessary to build it an on-grade foundation. When comes to building an on-grade foundation, the best materials used for building that foundation are solid concrete blocks. In addition, the traditional configuration for the block alignment is rows and it important check the level with a long, 4 foot level and straight 2×4. 

Remember, success or failure of any building is dependent upon its foundation. In addition, there is no one structure in this world that will survive on a poorly made or weak base. It doesn’t matter how well-designed building is or how it’s built. If the base of a building is weak, then eventually the building will come down. Thus, the single most important, first construction step is to choose a proper base. 

The Difference Between On-Grade and Frost-Proof Foundations 

Most shed foundations have two basic categories: frost-proof and on-grade. In most cases, frost-proof, permanent foundations are hard to build, however they last longer and are the strongest. The design of this particular type of foundation is geared toward cold weather regions. In the cold weather regions, the ground freezes and thaws which creates ground movement. Therefore, when the ground moves it can affect the building, so it is important to have a solid foundation to counteract the movement. 

On-grade foundations are also known as floating foundations, typically sit on the ground and geared toward all, but very large outbuildings. In addition, the on-grade foundations are the fastest and simplest foundations to build, because they do not need you to pour concrete piers or footings and you do not have to dig deep holes. Solid concrete blocks or lumber that has been pressure treated are typically used for on-grade foundations. 

In order to decide the best foundation for your needs, will greatly depend on what your building inspector recommends. In addition, it is imperative to remember to base your decision on the following three pertinent factors: which region of the country do you live in, what type of shed do you want and the size of the shed. However, usually most decide on an on-grade foundation.

Solid Concrete Blocks Are the Way to Go 

For the sake of really driving the point home, it is absolutely imperative that the foundation is solid concrete blocks. A regular hollow block or a standard wall block will crumble and crack. The blocks will break down because they cannot handle the weight of a shed. So it’s always important to have the right shed foundation blocks.

Pro-Tip Secret That Works 

It is imperative that every block is level when constructing a solid concrete block foundation and there are no exceptions to this rule. In addition, without exception all rows are in perfect alignment. The quickest and best way is to use a tight string to line up the blocks. First, in each row install the first and last block. Next, use the tight string as a guide to install the intermediate blocks, remember the taut string is a line that runs along the edge of the two end blocks.