4 Things to Never Do When You Have a Septic Tank

4 Things to Never Do When You Have a Septic Tank

Having a septic tank takes some getting used to if you’ve relied on city water all your life. Although septic tanks are extremely efficient, they only work as well as you treat them. If you’re new to the world of septic systems, here are four things you should never do.

1. Don’t Use Too Much Water at Once

It’s always good to conserve water, but with a septic tank, it’s crucial. Since all the water from your home goes into the septic tank, it needs time to slowly filter into the drain field. Avoid overwhelming it with mountains of laundry or long showers.

2. Never Ignore Pumping Your Tank

Under normal use, a septic tank should be pumped every 3-5 years. This could vary depending on the size of your household, but that’s a good rule of thumb. If you ignore your routine septic tank pumping Orlando, you could experience clogs, foul odors and eventually back-up in the drains.

3. Don’t Put Anything Down the Drain

When you have a septic system, never put anything other than soap and water down the drain. This includes food or coffee grounds. Likewise, never flush diapers or paper towels down the toilet. Also, avoid drain cleaners or bleach as it upsets the balance of healthy bacteria in the tank.

4. Never Park on Top of a Drain Field

The drain field is where the water goes to purify after it leaves your septic tank. You should always know the exact location of this field and never park your car on top of it. This area is fragile and could result in damaged pipes or compacted soil that hinders evaporation.

While septic tanks are easy to care for, there are rules. As long as you don’t overuse water and never ignore your scheduled pumping, your septic system will work beautifully.