3 Septic Tank Maintenance Tips

3 Septic Tank Maintenance Tips

A leaky or damaged septic system can create a smelly mess and a health hazard in your yard. Proper septic maintenance can help you avoid problems with your septic system. Consider including these three septic maintenance tips in your regular maintenance routine.

1. Get Your System Inspected and Pumped Regularly

Most septic systems need to be inspected about once every three years by a septic tank maintenance Cortlandt Manor NY professional. Your tanks should also be pumped once every three to five years. Systems that have electrical float switches, mechanical components or pumps, should be inspected annually. Your tank may need to be pumped more frequently if you have a large household or a small tank.

2. Reduce Your Water Use

All of the water you use eventually ends up in your septic tank. The more water you use, the faster your tank will fill up and the more likely you are to have problems. To reduce your water usage, consider switching to high-efficiency toilets, showerheads and appliances. Try to spread out your laundry over the course of the week, instead of doing it all in one day to avoid overloading your tank and flooding your drainfield.

3. Protect Your Drainfield

Do not park or drive on your drainfield. Remove any trees that are too close to your drainfield to avoid the possibility that their roots could grow into your septic system. Excess water in your drainfield can cause waste treatment to take longer. Make sure your gutters, sump pumps and other drainage systems are not draining into your drainfield.

Problems with your septic system can be a major hassle. Fortunately, many common septic system issues can be avoided by properly maintaining your septic system. These three tips can help you keep your septic system functioning properly and extend its life.

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