Adyen Is Ready To Provide Tap to Pay On iPhone for U.S. Merchants

Adyen Is Ready To Provide Tap to Pay On iPhone for U.S. Merchants

Adyen NV, a payments processor, is among the first to offer Apple Inc.’s Tap to Pay on iPhone service to retailers in the United States.

The service is scheduled to be available later this year, allowing compatible iPhones to take contactless payments without the requirement of extra hardware or payment terminals. Apple in February announced Tap to Pay for US iPhone users. 

This option requires an app from a merchant providing the facility on the iPhone to enable the near-field communication chip on iPhones to recognize an NFC-enabled card. This tech will enable Apple Pay, and other digital wallets will complete a payment transaction.

Adyen stated that it is working with Apple on the service but did not specify when it could be ready, other than to suggest that it will be later this year. Adyen, located in Amsterdam, also stated that it is collaborating with Lightspeed Commerce Inc., a POS platform, and NewStore, a commerce platform, to offer the service to new clients. On iPhone, Tap to Pay will require an iPhone X.S. or later models. After that, Adyen would make a press release.

In a statement issued in February, Apple stated that Stripe Inc. would be the first payment platform to provide Tap to Pay on iPhone to its business clients, including Shopify Inc.’s Point of Sale app, this spring. 

However, this comes as some existing payments provider firms already use tap to pay, such as Amazon pay, which is used strictly for Amazon purchases. 

“Partnering with Adyen to enable Tap to Pay on iPhone is a significant success for our U.S. consumers,” said Jona Georgiou, Lightspeed’s general manager of payments and financial services, in a statement. “This functionality provides retailers with even more checkout options to offer exceptional client experiences.”

“With most companies increasingly equipping their personnel with iPhones to better serve their customers, our innovation will further speed the checkout procedures for shoppers,” Adyen chief operating officer Kamran Zaki said in a statement. “Tap to Pay on iPhone will be an excellent solution for our consumers wanting to improve their in-store experiences.”

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It is, however, worth noting that similar features are currently available for Android-powered smartphones. For instance, in January 2022, MagicCube Inc. debuted its i-Accept Cloud platform, compatible with iOS and Android.

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