Do These Things When Moving Into a New House

Do These Things When Moving Into a New House

If you’re not the first tenant of a home, moving in is always a gamble — even with an inspection, you won’t know how the previous tenants really took care of it. The following tips can help turn your new house into your new home.

Check the Dryer Vent

The following is both a great camping tip and an important caution for homeowners: dryer vent is incredibly flammable. Dryer vent cleaning Virginia Beach VA is an important investment for any new home. This should be done occasionally anyway, but the home inspector likely didn’t check this vent too closely. If a dryer vent is clogged with lint, bird’s nests (yes, it happens) or other debris, your house could go up in flames the next time you do laundry.

Steam it Clean

Even if the house appears clean, steam cleaning your cupboards and other surfaces is an easy way to disinfect them. This is particularly useful if you’re the kind of person who can’t help but wonder what kinds of germs remain from the previous tenants — this provides a kind of reset for the home. It can be comforting to know that everything in the home — germs and all — are yours.

Meet Your Neighbors

This tip is different than the others, but much like the home itself, you likely won’t know how the previous tenants took care of their neighbors, either. Whether the previous tenants left a good impression or a poor one, it’s possible the neighbors’ feelings about them may be associated in some ways with whomever is living in the house, so get a fresh start by meeting your neighbors. A good first impression goes a long way, and great neighbors can be one of the best parts of any home.

By following these steps, you’ll set yourself up for success in a new home. You can sleep more comfortably knowing your house is safe, clean and all your own.

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