Top 3 Trendiest Bathroom Remodels In 2022

Top 3 Trendiest Bathroom Remodels In 2022

A luxurious bathroom remodel Livona is every homeowner’s dream. But, designing an elegant ensuite requires some creativity. Here are the top three latest bathroom trends that best suit your needs and soothe your soul.

1. Bathroom Tiles

Technologically, manufacturers are creating all types of designs using basic tiles. They’re going beyond graphics and colors to change traditional tile shapes into something spiky. There is a resurgence of the once liked tiles and a few latest designs.

So, look for improved hexagon, diamond, arabesque, Moroccan fish scales, or chevron patterns in new textures and colors. These eye-catching shapes grace the floor and are used as bathroom backsplashes, on shower walls, and on ceiling accents.

2. Bathroom Finishes

Unrefined finishes offer respite from the cold, hard surfaces found in the bathroom. Select darker timbers with an aspect of history evidenced in a rough-sawn surface. Fake it with wood-look porcelain tiles to recreate the tactility factor.

Every bathroom remodel at least incorporates marble material. But, marble has currently moved from its usual white and grey scheme to a plethora of more common shades. Blue, pink, and brown are all available hues but green marble is the most preferable.

3. Bathroom Showers

Compared with free-standing tubs, showers are the focal point in bathrooms. They’re becoming larger and this gives your designer an opportunity to use sleek tiles in your showers. Considerably, you need to include a skylight above your shower. This will cast a natural spotlight and give the impressive touch your shower needs.

Closing Remarks

Your preferred choice for your bathroom design is influenced by your personal preferences and aesthetic tastes. Thankfully, bathroom remodeling is now made easier by designers who help you select the best colors, layout options, and materials that fit you. Consult a designer who is willing to walk you through the options to help create an elegant master bath.

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