Why You Must Experience Privacy Fences

Why You Must Experience Privacy Fences

Privacy is a big concern for many people, whether at home, in a public park, or even on the beach. When you enjoy the sun, the beach, or the pool, you want to stay protected from those who would like to watch your every move. Having a privacy fence can help you achieve those goals.

Reduce Home Insurance Premiums

Installing privacy fences from privacy fences Lake County IL and other types around your property can help reduce your home insurance premiums. Installing a high, sturdy fence around your property will help prevent burglary and vandalism. Insurance underwriters examine your application and policy records to decide whether you qualify for lower rates. Raising your deductible may also reduce your insurance cost if you have an existing policy. However, before you install a privacy fence or any fence around your property, talk to your insurance agent.

Besides lowering insurance premiums, fences are also suitable for security. Insurance carriers will view fences as an extra layer of protection and reduce the risk of claims from homeowners liable for water damage. Additionally, a privacy fence can lower liability lawsuits and enhance the curb appeal of your property.

Increase Security

Installing privacy fences can help increase the security of your home. This fence prevents people from seeing what’s happening in your backyard and deters trespassers. A privacy fence also prevents trespassers from seeing guard dogs, bars on windows, and other security measures. When someone cannot get through your fence, they don’t even want to try.

Installing a privacy fence is an easy and affordable way to increase security and privacy on your property. It also offers additional benefits like windbreaks and weather protection. It can also provide shade and shelter for potted plants. It can also add curb appeal to your home. Consider the many styles and colors available if you’d like to install a fence.

Keep Animals Out

A privacy fence can be very effective for keeping animals out of your yard. You can install a wall with various mesh sizes, depending on the size of the animals you want to exclude. For example, two-by-three-inch fencing will keep out woodchucks, raccoons, opossums, and other small rodents. Smaller animals like rabbits and squirrels will be unable to climb the fence if the top is curved or unattached.

If animals dig through your privacy fence, you can install a retaining wall along the bottom. Ensure the retaining wall is securely placed and extends at least 12 inches below the ground’s surface. This will prevent digging and deter animals from crossing your fence.

Increase Curb Appeal

Adding a privacy fence to a home is a great way to increase the appeal of the front and backyard. Curb appeal is essential for many reasons. First, it allows homeowners to enjoy the outdoor space. Second, homeowners want a fence that is functional and attractive. A rusty, rotting fence is not attractive and won’t appeal to buyers.

When planning your fence, consider the season. Adding colorful flowers, decorative flags, or plant boxes will draw attention to the fence. Bright colors make the property more welcoming. During the spring and summer, consider placing colorful decorations on the fence. Mother’s Day and graduation season are ideal times to put a bright sign or banner.

Reduce Property Damage

Installing a privacy fence is an excellent way to protect your home and property from burglaries and other damages. Wooden fences are an attractive option for privacy and are also very functional. To install a fence, you should first determine the exact boundary lines of your property. You can find this information on your home plat, an important document showing exactly what plot of land you own. Alternatively, you can contact the county assessor’s office or a land surveyor for assistance.

Another reason to install a privacy fence is that it can offer your property an initial layer of security. By blocking the view from outside, a fence prevents passersby from spying on your property or letting strangers in without an invitation. It also keeps your pets away from intruding neighbors.

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