When to Consider Air Duct Cleaning

When to Consider Air Duct Cleaning

The air which you breathe at your home might be filled with harmful allergens and bacteria. If you have asthma, allergies, and other respiratory conditions, cleaning your air ducts can assist in minimizing the amount of dust on surfaces within your home and the air you breathe. When cleaning the air ducts, a professional will employ a push-pull system with high-velocity and negative pressure to drive pollutants and contaminants to the HEPA filter of the system, removing debris and dirt from the ductwork. As a consequence, you will have a healthy living environment. Below are the signs that indicate that you need air duct cleaning services.

Evidence of mold growth

A confirmed or suspected presence of mold is one of the severe issues you might not wish to experience in your home. That is because mold has potential damaging health consequences, including irritating your skin, contributing to asthma attacks, and triggering an allergic reaction. Therefore, it is critical to prevent the growth of spores of mold. Fortunately, after inspecting your ductwork, air duct professionals can help to eliminate the issues based on their specialized tools and expertise.

Rodents and insects

Rodents and insects can enter your air conditioning ducts in several ways. Unfortunately, with time, they begin to establish blockages inside the ducts. Blockages make it challenging for the HVAC system to operate and result in structural damage. If you notice rodents or insects within the air ducts, you need to consider proper air duct cleaning from experts.


Renovation or construction activities within or near your home can generate lots of dust, debris, and other polluting elements. Also, the air ducts will suck such elements during the ventilation exercises. With time, the dirt might begin stacking in ducts and establish several barriers. Therefore, if you undertake any remodeling or construction activity in your home, you need to contact a cleaning service before your air ducts become damaged. In this case, you can consider your air ducts cleaned and also vacuumed thoroughly.

High utility bills

When air ducts are not cleaned for an extended period, they become a breeding ground for various elements such as mold and debris. Such issues clog the air ducts and establish several barriers that make your HVAC system consume a lot of energy. At the same time, higher energy consumption results in extensive utility bills. If you determine that your utility bills continue to increase because of the higher energy consumption by your HVAC, it implies you urgently need to hire a certified cleaning service such as the Brentwood Air Duct Cleaning service.

Substantial dust deposits

HVAC filters trap a lot of dirt, and if you do not routinely change them or use the wrong type, debris can quickly accumulate in the ductwork. Then, dust might be distributed in your home and immediately settle on the walls and furniture, even after you clean the surfaces. When dust particles increase, the air duct system can become clogged, leading to poor performance. In such a case, you need to avoid these issues by hiring the services of a professional air duct cleaning agency.

As dander, dust, and other air contaminants accumulate in your air duct system, your heating and air conditioning efficiency reduces. The pollutants trapped in the duct system will start to circulate continuously in your home and block airflow. Admittedly, minimized air flow hinders your heating and cooling system from working efficiently.