3 Great Tips for Transforming Your Home’s Landscape

3 Great Tips for Transforming Your Home's Landscape

Have you always wanted to own the best house on the block? By upgrading your outdoor spaces, you’ll transform your house into a home you’ll be proud of. Here are three key tips to help your home’s landscaping stand out from the rest.

1. Create a Pond

Water features add instant life and visual interest to any outdoor space. If you want your landscaping to truly look unique, consider adding a pond to your property. Have an expert in pond construction Kent CT create a beautiful pond on your grounds. A professional will help you properly site and construct your pond in a sustainable, eco-friendly way. Since plants truly bring a pond to life, as well as attract more wildlife, plant and maintain a variety of hardy water plants to further enhance the look of your new water feature.

2. Plant a Floral Border

Instead of leaving your property lines bare, consider planting a floral border around your home. You’ll want to prioritize variety as you go about selecting your plants – use an assortment of color and plants that reach varying heights. Don’t forget that the plants you select should be able to survive in the amount of sunlight and shade that reaches these areas.

3. Install a Garden Path

For a quick project that will make your home look instantly more welcoming, install a garden path in your yard. There are a variety of materials you can use – what you pick will likely depend upon your budget and the level of durability you want your path to have. Pea gravel or a layer of mulch can designate a perfectly fine path, but if you want a more substantial way to navigate your grounds, use materials like brick or concrete pavers or irregular flagstone.

Update your outdoor spaces to realize your home’s true potential! By following these tips, you’ll soon have the most attractive home on the block.