Signs You Need Professional Stucco Repair

Signs You Need Professional Stucco Repair

Durability and appealing aesthetics make stucco one of the most popular siding materials available. While vinyl siding may still be the best, some homeowners are making the change to stucco for the many benefits it offers. Also, with proper care and maintenance, stucco siding can last 50 years or more.

Unfortunately, just like anything else, though, eventually, stucco repair Albuquerque NM will be needed. Knowing the signs this is needed is essential.

Water Damage

Water damage isn’t as easy to see as a large gouge or crack in the wall. But there are signs of water damage to look for. These include brown stains or streaks under the windows or where the walls and roof meet. There could also be the odor of mold in your home or damp carpet.

Cosmetic Issues

Stucco can last for decades. Even though this is true, it will still suffer cosmetic damage. You may see loose stucco or small cracks. Common causes of damaged stucco include animals, heat, and adverse weather. If you live in a location where there is a large wildlife population, you may find insects, bugs, and other critters using your home as a nest or even a storage area. Hail and high winds can cause chipping and fading, too.

Improper Stucco Installation

Was the stucco siding on your house installed properly? If not, serious issues will probably occur. One sign of this is cracking on the foam trim. While some problems can be repaired, others require complete removal and reapplication of the stucco siding.

If the stucco on your home is damaged, don’t wait to call for service and repairs. The problem will keep getting worse. The professionals can determine the underlying issues and make the repairs needed to restore the durability and benefits stucco siding is best known for.