3 Great Design Tips for Creating Your New Outdoor Kitchen

New Outdoor Kitchen

Have you always been dreaming of turning your backyard into an outdoor entertainment destination? Start by creating an outdoor kitchen that will enhance your options for entertaining family and friends. Follow these three great design tips to create an attractive and functional outdoor kitchen.

1. Plan the Layout

You’ll need to start the design process by developing a layout based around the main features you want in your outdoor kitchen. Most outdoor kitchens include dedicated spaces for food preparation and for eating. Design the food preparation space around main appliances like a built-in grill or outdoor refrigerator. You have more flexibility to be creative as you design your eating space. It may be best to consult a professional contractor during this phase.

2. Consider Shelter

Your cooking and eating space will both need some shelter from the elements. One option is to install a retractable awning – it’s easy to maintain, but it doesn’t really provide the most natural look. A sturdy wooden pergola will lend an air of rustic elegance to your new backyard feature. Planted up with climbing vines, it creates a natural and striking visual effect.

3. Install Appropriate Lighting

Since you’ll want to use your new kitchen on cool nights after the sun goes down, you’ll want to make sure the space is appropriately lit. Check out your favorite source for exterior lighting Tampa to find the right fixtures for your project. A combination of hardwired lighting fixtures, string lighting and solar-powered lanterns will create a cozy eating space. Also, be sure to direct strong lighting on your cooking areas, since this is where you’ll be needing light the most.

Take your outdoor entertaining options to the next level by creating your very own backyard kitchen. By following these tips, you’ll be dining in elegance and comfort surrounded by the beauty of nature.