4 Ways to Care for Your Commercial Roof

4 Ways to Care for Your Commercial Roof

The commercial roof on your place of business may be very different from that of your home in terms of shape and materials used to build it. However, you will find that the maintenance is quite similar.

Keep Clean

Occasionally check your roof for standing water, garbage and other debris. An accumulation of each can lead to rot or mold, which may result in leaks or structure damage.

If you have snow during the winter months, the weight adds up. Snow removal from the roof should become a part of winter building maintenance alongside plowing driveways and salting sidewalks.

Get Inspected

A professional that is experienced with commercial roofing in Daytona Beach should assess the structure yearly or after high-powered storms and other potentially damaging events. A specialist may be able to detect problems your untrained eyes would miss as well as fix them before they have a significant impact on the integrity of your roof.

Stay Off

Even if your commercial roof is flat, you should not allow anyone up there to socialize or take breaks. The constant weight can weaken the structure, leading to collapse and injury. People should only be allowed on the roof if they’re tasked with cleaning, inspection or repairs.

Give Space

The visual of your building surrounded by trees may be cozy, but trees are both a source of debris and damage. Not only do you have piles of accumulating leaves to contend with, but the possibility of limbs falling on—or through—your roof is also a real threat. It’s best to either prune everything short or avoid trees in your landscaping altogether.

Just like at home, you want a roof you can rely on. Think of it as a two-way street. Checking up on your roof and handling repairs as soon as you see them means your roof will take care of you as well.

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