5 Areas To Use Predictive Technology for Facilities Management

5 Areas To Use Predictive Technology for Facilities Management

Keeping a well-maintained facility and equipment is the primary job of the facilities management team. A building and equipment that functions at optimal performance increases productivity, decreases accidents and lessens downtime.

Adding predictive monitoring technologies to your building maintenance plan is a cost-effective way of improving your business strategy. By installing devices on the portions of your buildings that require the most maintenance, you can anticipate maintenance needs before they become repair costs. Many structures in your building benefit from these technologies.


Elevators require daily inspections to ensure safe performance. You can obtain sensors to monitor factors such as vibration and speed. If any results fall outside of a prescribed range the system notifies you.


If your building is in an area with heavy snowfall, sensors on the roof monitor snow and ice accumulation on the roof. Too much snow and ice on the roof can cause a roof collapse, damaging the building and injuring people inside the building.

Manufacturing Equipment

Many pieces of manufacturing equipment come with built-in monitors to ensure the safety of the users. Speak with the manufacturer or a third-party installer to determine if there is additional monitoring available. Be sure to verify that adding third-party sensors does not impact your warranty.

Electrical System

Monitoring sensors on your electrical system evaluate temperature fluctuations and detect partial discharges. This type of monitoring and reporting system can save your electrical system from catastrophic failures.

Fire Safety System

Fire detection systems monitor your structures 24/7. These systems reduce false alarms significantly. You can also develop fire protection zones, strategically targeting fire protection based on the area in the building. Storage facilities with hazardous chemicals require different fire protection than office space.

Incorporating predictive monitoring technologies into your facilities management schedule helps to improve the safety and productivity of your business.