Are You Ready for South Florida’s Hurricane Season?

Are You Ready for South Florida's Hurricane Season?

South Floridians know that there are several things that they need to do to prepare their home’s for hurricane season. Waiting until a storm is imminent could make adequate preparation logistically infeasible. Typically, the best approach to deal with hurricane season is a proactive one. Start making your preparations long before the start of the season to avoid unnecessary obstacles or expenses. Here are some things that you need to do to be in good shape before the next big hurricane event heads your way.

Upgrade Your Windows

Having impact resistant windows and doors could be a key factor about whether you can stay in your home during a major storm. If a window breaks when a storm is underway, it may not be possible to do any type of temporary repair until the storm has passed. Furthermore, your home may be at serious risk of water damage. In South Florida’s humid climate, moderate amounts of water intrusion can quickly lead to serious mold formation. You can contact a company that installs impact resistant windows West Palm Beach to arrange for a quote.

Understand Your Insurance Coverage

Not all homeowners policies include coverage for damage resulting from a hurricane. Flooding, for example, may be excluded from a basic policy. Likewise, mold remediation expenses are a common example of homeowners insurance exclusions. Take some time to review your current coverage and explicit exclusions. It is important to identify any gaps and address them when possible.

Get an Alternate Power Source

Even if the physical damage from storms is not knockout power supplies, FPL and other providers may need to shut down parts of their grid for preventative safety. Consider getting a backup power source that you can use until service is restored.

Take some steps to address your home’s vulnerabilities to extreme weather. Strategic planning can spare you and your family from significant hardship.

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