5 Essential Office Supplies Every Business Analyst Needs

5 Essential Office Supplies Every Business Analyst Needs

When you first hire a new business analyst at the office, figuring out everything that he or she will need can sometimes be overwhelming. Although many organizations have a dedicated human resources department to handle onboarding, evening HR specialists can use guidance every now and then.

If this sounds familiar and you are in the process of bringing a new analyst to your team, a list of essentials can be a useful way to keep yourself on track. After inputting the new employee’s information into your company data record system, ordering office furniture Indiana and setting up a phone, one of the last things you need to do is gather up supplies. Take a look at what every business analyst needs.

1. Desk Essentials

Working at a desk can be extremely difficult if you do not have the right tools to work efficiently. As such, make sure that your new employee’s future desk is set up will all of the essential supplies that he or she will need. This typically includes everything that might sit on top of the desk or in a side drawer such as pens, pencils, tape, paper clips, scissors, highlighters and Post-It notes.

2. Computer

In most modern organizations, analysts spend a significant amount of time doing their work on a computer. If this is something that you intend for your department’s new analyst to do, be sure to give yourself time to plan in advance. Depending on organizational protocols, ordering new computer equipment can take a while.

3. Paper

As one of the most basic office supplies there is, another thing that any analyst (or nearly any other office employee) needs is a lot of paper. From notepads, notebooks, printer paper and planners, there are many instances when analysts need to plan and write on paper.

4. Office Storage

How much storage does the new employee’s desk offer? If it is not a lot, installing additional storage is a wise move. Between document files, meeting notes and personal belongings, it can be easy for desks to become messy. Having extra storage can help give your new analyst a better chance of staying organized.

5. Mailing and Stationery Supplies

Although snail mail can sometimes seem like a thing of the past, that is not the case within many large organizations. Undoubtedly, your new analyst will need envelopes and other mailing materials to send out payments, invoices and other critical documents that will be part of his or her responsibility to oversee.

By making sure your company’s new analyst has all of these supplies, you can give him or her a great headstart in the position.