Extend The Life of Your Washer and Dryer

Extend The Life of Your Washer and Dryer

Whether you rent or own your living space, a washer and dryer are an essential part of every home. When your washer or dryer breaks, you may be forced to do laundry at a friend’s house, or even visit a laundromat where you have to sort out enough change to complete a load of laundry. It’s obvious that the ability to do your laundry within the comfort of your own home is something that makes life easier. So how do you prevent these damages and make sure that you are not constantly having to repair or replace your washer and dryer?


One way that you might be inadvertently decreasing the longevity of your washer or dryer is by loading them with more clothes than they can handle. When in doubt, it is always best to separate your clothes into multiple loads.

Not Removing Dryer Lint

Removing dryer lint is essential for dryer maintenance, as a build-up of lint can slow down the efficiency of your machine. Not only can dryer lint decrease the life of your dryer when left in the vent for too long, but it can also create a fire hazard.

Attempting to Self-Install

In order to avoid long-term problems with your washer and dryer, it is is vital to have it set up through professional appliance installation Washington DC. Professionals have the expert knowledge that is required to make sure your machines are functioning well from the very beginning.

Using Too Much Detergent

You may think that there is no such thing as too much when it comes to detergent. Unfortunately, in reality, too much detergent can cause your washer to overflow with suds, which runs the risk of breaking your washing machine.

A washer and dryer are among several appliances you don’t want to be caught without when you need them. It is imperative to learn how to take good care of them in order to avoid being caught without a clean shirt.