How To Paint the Outside of Your House

How To Paint the Outside of Your House

A good house cleaning can lead to motivation for other projects around your home, such as painting the exterior. Following the right steps can make this an easy task to make your home beautiful. Here is how to get the structure ready for a new coat of paint.

Get Your Tools

Schedule a trip to the hardware store to get the items you need for the job. Choose a high-quality paint in the shade that you desire. Selecting a cheaper one can expose your home to the elements and cause damage. Research the price of air compressor rentals Jacksonville FL and arrange to pick a compressor up the day you intend to start.

This is a great time to inspect your siding and the wood underneath it. If you find an issue, you should repair it before you continue preparing your home.

Take Off the Old Coat

Using a pressure washer, spray off the dust and dirt that has accumulated on the siding. The paint will have trouble sticking to the surface if there is debris there. Scrape any flaked areas that might still remain until the area is clean. You can use a scraper or a piece of sandpaper to do this. Apply a coat of primer to your house before start painting. If the paint you purchased has the primer included, you can omit this step.

Apply the Paint

Each container of paint that you buy could be a tint or two off from the others. To keep the color consistent throughout the task, dump each can into a larger container. Blend the contents thoroughly so that it all becomes the same shade.

Using a spraying applicator, start from the top of your home near the roof and work your way to the ground. Be careful to avoid any trim you wish to stay the way it is.

A newly painted home not only increases curb appeal but can give you pride in your accomplishment.