Leaving Your House To Go On Vacation

Leaving Your House To Go On Vacation

You pull out of the driveway and your grass dies, a fire spreads through your house, and all of your trees fall. Hopefully, none of this really happens to you, but maybe you can’t stop worrying about what will happen when you leave your home to go on a month-long vacation. If you’re a worrier, the planning you do before you travel can make a huge dent in your stress.

Who is around to help?

If the catastrophes you’re imagining were to happen, who would step in? Do you have neighbors, friends, or family members who can check on your house while you’re away? Maybe you’ve already arranged to have a catsitter or dogsitter. You can also ask this person to door small chores, like take in the mail to make it less obvious that you’re traveling. You might also be able to ask your next-door neighbor to monitor the house and call you if anything happens. Keep a list of emergency contacts in an easy-to-find location in your house and email it to those you trust.

What do you need to set up?

When you’re not around to set things up and throw things out, who will? Again, if you have someone to take in your mail, also ask for small favors, like taking out the trash if cat litter accumulates. Unplug unused devices and set your AC appropriately for the time you’ll be away. Your pet might need the air conditioning, but she likely won’t need to watch your favorite tv show. Make a mental list of all of the timers you usually set, including those in your yard. By using a sprinkler system Pittsfield MA, you can ensure that you don’t return to crunchy grass. If you set up any timed lights in or around your house, consider time changes and make sure these security features work in your favor.

Most importantly, ask for help. Inform the people you trust that you’re going on vacation. If you forget to do something before you leave, you can always call someone and ask for a favor.