Types of Lighting for Your Bathroom Renovation

Types of Lighting for Your Bathroom Renovation

The aesthetic appeal of your bathroom can be increased when you add a variety of lighting to highlight the beauty of your space. Bright, functional lighting is also necessary when routine bathroom tasks need to be completed. When you’re renovating, take into account the various types of light fixtures you can choose from.

Ceiling Lights

Control the general ceiling lighting in your bathroom with a switch by the door. This type of flush mount lighting Florida provides an overall glow to the area for when you need to get ready in the morning or prepare for bed at night.

Vanity Lights

Vanity lights are installed directly above the mirror in your bathroom. This functional lighting allows you to see yourself clearly when you need to do tasks near the sink. Shading is necessary to prevent unnecessary glare in your face.

Wall Sconces

Sconce light fixtures are typically hung at head level or slightly higher. They add faint shadows to the face, which can be helpful when applying makeup. Because they are at eye level, wall sconce designs need to be chosen to match the style of your bathroom.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights hang from the ceiling and can be used as central bathroom lighting or to enhance the beauty of the bathtub area. Many come with pretty glass covers that spread an ambient glow over the space.

Mirror Lights

Mirror lights can be used to make your bathroom space look bigger while providing you with the lighting you need to move around your space without tripping. They can surround the mirror or be built into it for maximum brightness when you need to brush your teeth or wash your face.

Adding a variety of lighting to your space can improve the look and the functionality of your bathroom. When you want a facelift without tearing out the whole room, new lights can be the less expensive option.