3 Reasons To Move to Virginia

3 Reasons To Move to Virginia

First colonized in 1607, Virginia was one of the first settlements in the country. Once it was no longer a colony, it became officially known as the Commonwealth of Virginia. Today, Virginia is thriving, perhaps partly because of the contrasts it offers. Its cities provide urban amenities such as diverse culinary offerings and art scenes, while its natural areas are available just outside their city limits. If you’re looking for a reason to look at Smithfield VA real estate, here are some reasons why it might be one of the best decisions you ever make.

1. Health Care

The higher the ratio of primary care physicians to residents, the more doctors are available to provide care to patients. This allows the physician to spend time with the patient and get to the root of whatever medical problem may be ailing him or her. Virginia has one of the highest ratios in the country with 127 primary care physicians for every 10,000 residents. There are also over 90 hospitals throughout the entire state.

2. Job Opportunities

Of the 20 highest-income counties in the country, six are located in Virginia. The unemployment rates tend to be below the national average. Business and service, the military, and farming are the leading job sectors. The job growth in Virginia may be conducive to switching your career or starting a new one entirely.

3. Education

There are 176 colleges and universities in Virginia, and many of them rank among the best nationally. However, it is not only higher education that Virginia does well. The National Assessment of Educational Progress looks at student performance and school quality for its rankings, and Virginia schools consistently rank in the top 10, while 85% of high school students eventually graduate.

Virginia cities consistently rank as some of the happiest in the country, which may be reason enough to move there. Some of the factors listed here undoubtedly contribute to that general state of bliss.